Advantages and Disadvantages of Your Home Based Business

When talking about home-based business a lot of advantages come to mind. Some of those advantages would be that if you have children or old parents to take care of, working from home can make a lot of the worries go away because you will always be nearby. You will be able to have control over your own work hours, so if you don’t feel that you got time for another client you can say no without the man giving you any trouble.The things I like the most when about having my job at home is that when I feel like working late at night or early in the morning I can easily do that. And you are most likely already paying for the space and utilities you need to start a home-based business.If you got:• A house/apartment then you have the space• A computer would be your only tool for working• Internet connection would be requiredAs you are already paying for all of these, why not take advantage of them and earn money from those resources.Now working from home is not all fun and glory. There are disadvantages here as there is in any business.If you got a lot of friends and family, when you have your job at home, you are most likely always home. Friends and family don’t always realize that you are working when you are home all the time, which would be the cause of a lot of disruption.And because you are always home, you won’t really have any excuse for not keeping up with your household chores.But all in all I love working from home, being my own boss and choose my own clients. It gives me a lot of freedom and I get to work with what I want to work with. Home based business is something I would recommend to a lot of people feeling exhausted about their regular day job.

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